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Care Accommodations

April Norris, CNA II, Patient Care Coordination Manager and Staff Supervisor

April Norris has been serving patients at Primedical Healthcare for over 18 years. As our Patient Care Coordination Manager, April serves as a direct liaison between healthcare providers, staff, patients, and their families. She helps patients understand their medical conditions, medications, and special instructions given by medical providers. April ensures that patients get the care they need by helping them decide on treatment options and creating care plans specific to patient needs. Care Coordination involves systematically tracking tests, referrals, care transitions and care gaps for higher quality patient care, lower costs, and improved patient safety.

As Staff Supervisor, April provides direction and supervision to clinical and front office staff. She helps maintain a safe working environment by educating staff on proper procedures and policies and oversees patient care. 
Urgent Care Co-Management

Primedical has established a co-management agreement with AppUrgent Care to provide acute and routine care to our patients after hours. Protocols are in place for AppUrgent Care to be able to access information from our patient's records, when necessary. Also, when necessary patient records are available via the NCHIE. Be sure to let AppUrgent Care know that you are a patient at Primedical Healthcare, so that we may coordinate your care.

After hours, you can reach a physician on-call at
(828)278-9030 or you may opt to visit AppUrgent Care.

AppUrgent Care's hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday: 8AM- 7PM and
Saturday - Sunday: 9AM - 5PM

Contact AppUrgent Care

Phone: (828)265-5505
Address: 2146 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone, NC 28607

Behavioral Health Co-Management

Primedical Healthcare has a care coordination collaboration agreement with Daymark Recovery Services.  This agreement sets expectations for information sharing and safe, efficient, coordinated patient care. Daymark offers 24/7 availability. Appointments by referral and walk in. Walk-in appointments are encouraged.  

Call 828-264-8759 during working hours or 828-264-4357 both during the day and after hours for the Mobile Engagement/Crisis Team.
Daymark Recovery Services are located at 132 Poplar Grove Connector in Boone.